People with Dementia are Speaking Out and Why Not?

People with dementia are speaking out and why not? Many people with dementia have this rich reservoir of experiences to share with others. I would encourage others like me to get out there and become a face of dementia that members of the public don’t get to see very often. In this video, people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s are telling memories they don’t ever want to forget:

Right now, while I can, it is my responsibility to make the most of my life. It is a blessing for me to feel part of an Alzheimer team that educates the public and reminds them that there are real people with dynamic personalities behind this illness.

My early stage support group wanted to educate the public so we put an invitation in the newspaper inviting them to a panel discussion by people with the disease. What a hit! We shone that day and the public saw a whole new face of Alzheimer’s disease. Each panel member shared from their heart. What an eye-opener! People were amazed that we all appeared articulate and moreover intelligent. We were seen as competent people anxious to share things that mattered to us. (more…)

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Alzheimer’s Disease, a Family Affair

Across the world, over 40 million individuals suffer from what we call “Alzheimer’s Disease”. Expectations are that this number will increase drastically over the next few decades. Unfortunately, no progress of any significance has been made to fight the disease since it first was classified more than a century ago. Just listen to Dr. Samuel Cohen speaking about Alzheimer’s Disease in the TED Talks video:

Check out also the following conversation:
I try not to feel bad when he says things that sound mean,” says Jylelle. “I really try to remember that he doesn’t mean it.”
“He recognizes Grandma, but he doesn’t know who you are,” reminds Virginia. “You would likely act the same way if you thought strangers were in your house eating your food,” she explains. Explaining the disease in a way that the girls can relate to improves their understanding and empathy for their grandfather.


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