How to Tell Children about Alzheimer’s

Sharing info on Alzheimer’s disease with a child can help to calm their fears and clear up any questions they might have. If they have observed an older relative experiencing memory problems and other signs of Alzheimer’s, it is important to sit down with them to discuss the symptoms of this brain disorder. So let’s take a closer look at how to tell children about Alzheimer’s.

The disease is not contagious, but Alzheimer’s statistics indicate that it may be genetic so the family should be aware of that. While scientists don’t know the cause of Alzheimer’s, there is research that shows what the risk factors are. Children can help their afflicted relatives by spending time with them. The more children know about the disorder, the less frightened they will be.

Suppose someone close to you and your family has Alzheimer’s and you’ve gathered all sorts of information on the disease to understand what steps you should take, but all that you’ve found is complicated and so scientific. How can you make your children understand how it is that their grandmother or grandfather isn’t recognizing them anymore? Read on to learn how you can tell your children about Alzheimer’s and you may want to read it together with your children.

What’s Going to Happen?

The person in your family with Alzheimer’s is probably going to start to forget things. He or she may also become angry, sad, or scared. This is because Alzheimer’s makes people feel confused, and it’s also part of the disease itself, so your loved one isn’t mad at you and isn’t crazy, this is part of the sickness. Despite all the research that’s been carried out, we still don’t know how to treat people with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s appropriately or cure them form this terrible disease. With Alzheimer’s, it will probably start out with little things, but eventually, it will get worse.

Can I Catch It?

Alzheimer’s is not contagious, but most of the info on Alzheimer’s disease that is currently available suggests that it is genetic. This means that if people in your family have it, you are more likely to get it someday, too. Symptoms typically don’t incur until the individual is at least 65 years old, though, and even if someone in your family has it, that does not mean that you will have it too.

What Caused It?

We still don’t know what causes Alzheimer’s disease, but scientists and doctors are studying different things that may cause it, from genes to environmental factors like what you eat and breathe. It does not come from being near someone else who has it, and it is nobody’s fault.

What Can I Do to Help?

A lot of the info on Alzheimer’s disease suggests that people who spend a lot of time with their friends and family take longer to get really sick from the disease. This doesn’t mean the person is going to get better, or that it’s your job to save them, but just by being with someone and letting them know you love them, you are helping.

Where Can I Get More Info on Alzheimer’s Disease?

You can get a lot of info on Alzheimer’s disease at your public library and on the Internet. Check out some books on Alzheimer’s and read them together as a family. The more info on Alzheimer’s disease that you have, the less scary it will be because you will know what to expect.